Technical FAQ

What type of fuse does my light set use?

  • Incandescent Perm-O-Snap® and Bethlehem® Mini Light Sets use 3 amp fuses.
  • Heavy Duty Light Sets 5V use 3 amp fuses.
  • C7, C9 Light Sets use 5 amp fuses.
  • G40, G50 Light Sets use 5 amp fuses.


What are volts, amps, and watts?

  • Volts (V) measure the force (strength) of electricity.
  • Amps measure the amount of electricity used.
  • Watts measure the work electricity does per second.


How many volts, amps, and watts are in GKI mini light sets?

Amperage equals the number of bulbs multiplied by the wattage of each bulb divided by 110 volts. A breakdown of volts, amps, and watts for each GKI mini light set is presented below by type and size:

Incandescent Perm-O-Snap® and Bethlehem® Mini Light Sets

  • 35-light Mini Set = 120 V, .20 amps, 24 watts
  • 50-light Mini Set = 120 V, .20 amps, 24 watts
  • 100-light Mini Set = 120 V, .40 amps, 48 watts

LEDs for Non-Replaceable Sets

  • 25-light set = 120 V, .02 amps, 2.4 watts
  • 35-light set = 120 V, .02 amps, 2.4 watts
  • 50-light set = 120 V, .04 amps, 4.8 watts
NOTE: The average outlet in a home has 20-amp service. NOTE: Voltage is never more than 120 V for these light sets. The standard house service is usually 120.NOTE: 120 V is the industry standard for most mini light sets and complies with UL testing. We list bulb voltage to ensure consumers use the correct replacement bulbs. Each of the mini light sets listed here are 120 V.


What does UL mean?

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization that controls and monitors lighting rules and safety regulations. A "UL-approved" designation means a product has been approved by this agency.

"UL has developed more than 1000 Standards for Safety. Our Standards for Safety are essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, improve quality and market products and services. Millions of products and their components are tested to UL's rigorous safety standards with the result that consumers live in a safer environment than they would have otherwise."

What does CSA mean?

CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association. CSA certifications are used and accepted across North America and around the world, on over 1 billion products. And that number continues to grow.

In the United States, CSA International is accredited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Generally speaking, all OSHA accredited laboratories conduct their tests against the same sets of U.S. standards and codes, regardless of who authors or publishes them. CSA International tests are applicable to U.S. standards, which include ANSI, UL, CSA, NSF, and others. In Canada, CSA International is accredited as a Certification Organization (CO) and as a Testing Organization (TO) by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).