Trees FAQ

How do I select the right size tree for my home?

There are many tree sizes, shapes, and styles from which to choose. Select the space where the tree will be displayed prior to purchasing and measure the area. For a smaller area consider purchasing a pencil or slim tree.

Our most popular sized tree is a 7.5 foot medium profile. That's because the average ceiling height is 8.5 feet so a 7.5 foot tree fits perfectly. You should plan to have 9" to 12" of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling to allow for a tree topper and some air so the tree will not look squeezed in.

GKI Bethlehem Lighting has trees in so many heights and widths you're sure to find a tree that's just right for your space:

  • 7.5' Pencil tree will have a width up to 36"
  • 7.5' Slim tree will have a width from 36" to 54"
  • 7.5' Medium tree will have a width from 55" to 60"
  • 7.5' Full will have a width from 61" to 70"


What is the standard amount of mini lights to put on a well-lit tree?

To emulate the high standards of a GKI/Bethlehem tree, we suggest using anywhere from 750 to 1,200 lights for a full-sized 7.5 foot tree, depending on the type of foliage and branch density.