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Bethlehem Lights is a premium supplier of seasonal lighting and home décor products – with a keen focus on innovation, design and quality. Our goal is to bring commercial quality products to retail customers.

Included in our family of brands are Wicker Park™ and Torchiér™.


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Wicker Park Indoor/Outdoor 24" Faux Peony and Tea Blossom Wreath

Wicker Park 21" Flowering Bougainvillea Garden Sphere

Wicker Park Indoor/Outdoor 4' Faux Cherry Blossom Sapling Bush

Wicker Park 15" Faux Floral Bougainvillea Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Basket

Wicker Park Set of 3 Indoor/Outdoor Faux Mini Boxwood Spheres

Wicker Park 11" Succulent Indoor/Outdoor Garden Sphere

Wicker Park 24" Faux Floral Indoor/Outdoor Hydrangea Half Wreath

Wicker Park 24" Tall Tapered Urn Indoor/Outdoor Planter

Bethlehem Lights 18" Pip Berry Spring Topiary Tree

Bethlehem Lights 5' Lit Pip Berry Spring Garland

Bethlehem Lights Set of 2 Spring Lit Glitter Sprigs

Bethlehem Lights 10' Butterfly Fairy Lights with Clips

Bethlehem Lights Set of 2 Spring Fairy Lights

Bethlehem Lights Roses and Metallic Leaves Sprig

Bethlehem Lights Easter Egg Fairy Light Strand

Bethlehem Lights 36" Pip Berry Spring Topiary Tree

Wicker Park Garden Spheres

Bethlehem Lights Mini LED Light Strand

Bethlehem Lights Plug-In Overlit Slim Wire Fairy Lights

Bethlehem Lights Set of 2 Glitter Sprigs with Color Change LEDs

Bethlehem Lights 5' Alaskan Downswept Snowy Alpine Tree

Bethlehem Lights 24" Heritage Hanging Basket

Bethlehem Lights Plug-In Cascading Wire Lights

Heritage TSV Tree

Bethlehem Lights Overlit Color Flip Greenery Collection

Slim Wire TSV

Bethlehem Lights 7' Green 2-in-1 Heritage Christmas Tree

Bethlehem Lights Indoor/Outdoor Branch Fairy Lights

Bethlehem Lights Storage Bag

Bethlehem Lights Fairy Branch Lights

Bethlehem Lights Set of 4 Indoor/Outdoor 10' Fairy Lights & Remote

Martha Stewart Indoor/ Outdoor 12' LED Christmas Star Light

Bethlehem Lights 14.5' Battery Operated Cluster Bulb Garland

Martha Stewart 71" Metal Tree Wall Decor with Flower Pots

Martha Stewart Fruit Basket Planter with Removable Top



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We are an inventor-friendly company, and always excited to see new ideas. If you have a great concept for one of our key categories, click here to learn about how to share it with us..



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